British Finswimming Association

The British Finswimming Association is the National Governing Body for the sport of Finswimming in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Welcome to the new season 2017-2018

I hope everyone had a good and relaxing summer. Now that everyone is full of energy, it is a time to start training...


What is Finswimming?

Finswimming is a form of swimming when athletes use a monofin or flippers (called bi-fins or stereofins) to move their body through a distance and snorkel or air tank for breathing.

The sport developed in Europe following the ready availability of the first rubber fins during the 1930s. Luigi Ferraro, Italian diving pioneer, is reported as organising the first finswimming competition in the sea during 1951 followed by a 100 kilometres (62 mi) ocean swim in 1955.


Andrei Oleinik : BFA Chairman

Former professional finswimmer (1983 - 1991), member of Belarussian National Youth team. Restarted participation in the sport here in the UK in 2011 as a finswimmer, a coach and a club manager. My goal is to bring the popularity of finswimming in the UK to the next level

Alice Hickson : BFA Secretary

I began finswiming as part of my freedive training only to find myself torn between the two sports! I think finswimming is a fantastic sport and would love to see it grow here in the UK.

Elena Oleinik : BFA Treasurer / Membership Secretary

I have been doing the BFA Treasurer / Membership Secretary role for almost 6 years. Over this period of time I set up the processes of handling different aspects of the memberships and brought BFA to the solid financial position.

Jason Marshall : Welfare Officer

I started finswimming during the summer of 2016, but have participated in various water-based sports for some years, including underwater hockey (Durham University) and rowing (Durham University, Tyne Rowing Club). However, it is finswimming that has most caught my imagination. I work in a statutory child protection role for a Local Authority and have done so since 2009. Consequently I therefore have the professional knowledge and experience to make a contribution as Welfare Officer to the BFA and look forward to doing so.

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