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Andrei Oleinik : BFA Chairman

Former professional finswimmer (1983 - 1991), member of Belarussian National Youth team. Restarted participation in the sport here in the UK in 2011 as a finswimmer, a coach and a club manager. My goal is to bring the popularity of finswimming in the UK to the next level.

Alice Hickson : BFA Secretary

I began finswiming as part of my freedive training only to find myself torn between the two sports! I think finswimming is a fantastic sport and would love to see it grow here in the UK.

Elena Oleinik : BFA Treasurer / Membership Secretary

I have been doing the BFA Treasurer / Membership Secretary role for almost 6 years. Over this period of time I set up the processes of handling different aspects of the memberships and brought BFA to the solid financial position.

Jason Marshall : Welfare Officer

I started finswimming during the summer of 2016, but have participated in various water-based sports for some years, including underwater hockey (Durham University) and rowing (Durham University, Tyne Rowing Club). However, it is finswimming that has most caught my imagination. I work in a statutory child protection role for a Local Authority and have done so since 2009. Consequently I therefore have the professional knowledge and experience to make a contribution as Welfare Officer to the BFA and look forward to doing so.

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